Koriander started 20 years ago in a humble, home kitchen with a mom cooking delicious meals for her family. It has since blossomed into the local gem that it is today, sharing the same home-style, authentic Asian food to all of the families in Corvallis.

The menu is primarily inspired by traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi, bibimbap and kimchi stew, but also includes Thai & Japanese flavors.

Many of our dinner entrees are also accompanied by an assortment of traditional Korean “ban-chan” or side dishes. You’ll also be delighted to find freshly-made gelato and fruit sorbets to enjoy after your meal.

Be sure to also ask about our great selection of local and imported beers and wines.

We provide high standards of quality and a variety of healthy food inspired by home-style cooking and traditional flavors with an elevated twist.  We are committed to upholding a consistent family-friendly environment with delicious food to provide an overall enjoyable dining experience for all of our guests.

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