Need help retaining customers? What about braking into new markets with a strong brand identity? SenText has a easy solution for you.

Text Message Marketing is a relatively untapped market which is now blooming into a tool used by every industry. When customers sign up for your V.I.P. text messages they will receive special offers, discounts and more. With an average view rate of 98% nearly everyone who signs up to receive texts will open and interact with the advertisement within minutes.

Text Message Marketing is perfect for online business along with any type of retail or sales. When used properly in conjunction with social media Text Message Marketing will help your business grow in ways not previously though possible. Imagine having a slow day in the shop and sending out a text message and have 10 people show up within the hour!

Our online application shows you exactly what is working and what to change with our in-depth analytics. This system is so simple that anyone with a computer can create a healthy marketing ecosystem in minutes. This doesn’t have to be scary, a trained marketing consultant will work with you to create the perfect strategy for your business.

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